Italy Home and Away Shirts New

Dynamic white logo of Puma adds energy and power in the navy blue football shirt of Italy football team. Besides, the tri-color shirt badge is printed on the upper left.

Italy football shirt shows respects to the grand history of Italy football, blending blue and white football shirts with fashionable design of Italy. Through blending different colors with fashionable design of Italy, it shows respects to national honor. Round-neck design taking reference to once football shirts keeps classical style in fashionable today.



Design of away football shirt is more complicated than home football shirt. Three green, white and red stripes are an extension of tri-color shirt badge. Blue stripes on shoulder take the place of seams.

Stripes closely connect to body will massage the skin slightly, helping players performing well in sports event and giving faster and effective energy to muscles of them. Whether you are a loyal fan and player, it’s a best choice for you guys. See for more information.


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